Something important to say?

Books about writing, like self-help books, tend to assume the reader will respond positively to positive thinking.

I’ve never yet finished a novel I was happy with. Novellas, yes, but not a novel, despite hitting the word count. I thought I’d give it another go and this time so it by the book. A how to write book.

The first chapter asks the budding novelist to make a contract with themselves that says they will write because they have talent and they have something important to say.

Far be it from me to object if people find this helpful, but already I am not sure this book is for me.

You should write when you have nothing but nonsense to say, when all you want is to record daydreams or nightmares. You should write even if you can’t bring yourself to believe you have any real talent or you don’t believe in the concept of talent. Please, if you have the fire for writing, write. Don’t leave us at the mercy of people who think they have something important to say.

We need nonsense and dreams at least as much as we need another lesson.


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