Monster Gallery

note: horror genre


1. She swallows mosquitoes by the handfuls, to hear them suffocate in the dried-up hollow of her trailing stomach.

2. She skins the golden tresses off the bone, scrapes the leather clean, drops the flesh into a pot for soup. The empty sockets of her earliest guests keep watch as the house breathes, heavy around her.

3. He smells his old flesh, and trusts the man behind his eyes, and so turns three times around the cracked spruce that whines like a hungry pup. He sheds fur as the world deadens to his senses, and his naked feet sink into needling snow.

4. They climb over each other, in the crushing weight and heat, an inferno inside a sack of meat, pushing against dying skin. Soon they will swarm.

5. History is a maw spewing bile and horror, crawling with soothing words.


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