Microstories: The Changeling

The urge to write these can be traced back to Larry_shipa’s fantastic six word stories.

warning: sexual abuse mentioned, horror genre

1. I told them a man came to my bedroom every night. They didn’t believe me. I told them he had three red eyes and tusks like a wild boar, and they did.

2. Tired of waiting for your baby to come for you, you put down your weaving and walk into the wetlands, across the marshes and into the shadows of the tall pine trees. You find him where you left him, a blue flame flickering over stinking water, and press him to your breast. Sharp little teeth sink in.

3. They say a dead girl lies between the Master and his wife at night, plucking their hair and drinking their blood to warm her skin. That is why the Mistress’s babies die, and why the two of them are stiff and sore, the skin transparent at their wrists.


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