“Boxcutter” promo & welcome to new followers!

I should also say thank you to any old followers who stayed with me during the long lull!

“Strong Coffee” promo is over but “Boxcutter” will now be free until next week Thursday. Whereas the former was a paranormal murder mystery, the latter is dystopian horror. Both of these stories were written a long time ago and only recently polished into their final forms, though “Boxcutter” was already quite complete when I gave it that last look before it went up. I wrote the first draft in nearly one sitting based on the idea of a boy who comes from the desert with violence in his wake.

I also have the beginnings of a sequel set in that same arid future land, but no promises. I tend to take my time with stories, and that one needs a lot of work.

Extract under the cut:

The first find had been made in the Three Brothers desert, at the top of a rocky outcropping not two miles from the main highway. The research copter had been looking for major cracks in the ground since the last quake had made bedrock ripple, to see if it was safe to send down a team to measure changes in ground elevation. They found one in the belly of a hill known as Angry Child.

The rock had been split, navel to neck, and the inside gleamed white in the midday sun. By the time the copter had dipped down low enough to make out the hundreds of eggs nestled inside the wound, some of them had started to hatch.


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